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Sex Slaves in Motril

MOT Sex Slaves in Motril

The Brigadas de Extranjera based in Motril and Granada, as well as the Policía Nacional in Madrid, have been investigating a gang of people traffickers dedicated to forced prostitution.

Big-Hearted Brothel

A Brothel in the province of Sevilla has decided to do its bit for charity by wavering the entrance fee and inviting the first drink in exchange for a food donation.

Lamb Busted

We’re in Munich, Germany for this strange tale, where police raided a brothel after a drugs tip off and found several types of narcotics during their search, and a lamb. Yes, a lamb!

Saved by the Ankles

Two policeman managed to stop a woman jumping to her death from a window in a brothel. The incident occurred around the middle of the month in the province of Jaén.