Food Poisoning at Youth Hostel

AXA ecocultural ConvivenFood poisoning during an Andalusian summer used to be a habitual occurrence, but not now, which is why a possible case in Viñuela stands out.

Nine minors went down with suspected food poisoning during the early hours of the 22nd at a summer youth hostel near the reservoir, La Viñuela.

The emergency number 112 received a call at 01.20h to say that several minors at the summer camp had stomach pains and had been vomiting.

Six of the nine kids were taken to the Axarquia area hospital but were back at the camp later in the day. According to public health sources the affected children were suffering from a slight case of gastroenteritis, which is why after being treated they were allowed back within a couple of hours.

The youth hostel is situated in the Urbanización Viñas del Lago and has 70 children between 11 and 14 there at the moment, although this incident has only affected nine of them.

Finally, neither the hostel nor the Junta have made statements, as they are waiting for the analysis results to come back.

(News: Viñuela, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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