Ryanair Cabin-Crew Strike

SPN Ryanair Strike July 2018The list of Málaga flights below are the ones that are affected by the Ryanair cabin-crew strike on the 25th and 26th of this month.

Approximately 600 flights will be cancelled with over 300 affecting Spain; i.e., 24% of all flights in and out of Spain. It is calculated that 100,000 passengers all over Europe will be hit.

The minimum service established by the Government stipulates that 100% of the national flights between the mainland and The Canary and Balearics Islands must be maintained.

It also stipulates that between 35% to 59% of flights between Spanish cities and 59% of flights abroad must also be guaranteed.

Finally, all flights that took off before the strike comes into force but landing after that moment must also be maintained.

It is very, very important that you check with Ryanair if you have flights on the 25th and 26th as this list cannot be taken as definitive; i.e., some flights appearing on the list might operate and some that are not on it might be cancelled. This information is purely orientative and needs to be confirmed by those affected.


25/07 FR1915 Bruselas Charleroi ETD 15:55h ETA 18:50h
25/07 FR2944 Bruselas ETD 07:30h ETA 10:25h
25/07 FR8615 Dusseldrof Weeze ETD 07:10h ETA 10:10h
25/07 FR4057 Hamburgo ETD 14:30 ETA 17:50h
25/07 FR2597 Venecia Treviso ETD 17:50h ETA 20:30h
25/07 FR6387 Barcelona ETD 13:50h ETA 15:25h
25/07 FR8146 Ibiza ETD 13:30h ETA 114:50h
25/07 FR656 Glasgow Prestwick ETD 07:30h ETA 09:50h
25/07 FR3209 Manchester ETD 17:25h ETA 19:30h
25/07 FR5158 Newcastle ETD 06:55h ETA 09:05h
26/07 FR2591 Berlín Schönefeld ETD 07:10h ETA 10:45h
26/07 FR2575 Eidhoven ETD 06:25h ETA 09:25h
26/07 FR6387 Barcelona ETD 07:10h ETA 08:45h
26/07 FR8146 Ibiza ETD 13:45h ETA 15:05h
26/07 FR5677 Palma de Mallorca ETD 18:45h ETA 20:15h
26/07 FR2593 Santander ETD 14:35h ETA 16:15h
26/07 FR2573 Santiago ETD 11:55h ETA 13:35h
26/07 FR2267 Birmingham ETD 17:40h ETA 19:35h
26/07 FR2447 Leeds Bradford ETD 16:40h ETA 18:40h
26/07 FR8944 Londres Stansted ETD 14:45h ETA 16:40h
26/07 FR5158 Newcastle ETD 06:55h ETA 09:05h

* Information supplied by El Confidencial and was valid at 07.16h today.

We have no information for Granada Airport.

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