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Granada Flight Cancellations

By Vivienne Hughes

The consumers defence association, Facua, met with representatives of Aena, which runs the country's airports, over the Granada flight cancellations. »

Ryanair Cabin-Crew Strike

By Martin Myall

The list of Málaga flights below are the ones that are affected by the Ryanair cabin-crew strike on the 25th and 26th of this month. »

Delays & Cancellations

By Vivienne Hughes

Flights out of Granada belonging to the low-cost airline, Vueling, have suffered delays and even cancellations, causing a lot of complaints. »

Delays, Cancellations & Overbookings

By Vivienne Hughes

It will come as no surprise to many weary air travellers ,but Spanish flights suffer three times more delays or cancellations than the European average. »

Approaching General Strike

By Martin Myall

There will be a nationwide general strike on Wednesday the 14th of November. There will be minimum services on public transport and by midday, those businesses that closed will probably be reopening, judging by previous general strikes. »

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