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Ryanair Cabin-Luggage Move

By Hugh MacArthur

You will probably have heard by now that Ryanair will be charging for most hand luggage taken into the cabin; a controversial move. »

Ryanair Cabin-Crew Strike

By Martin Myall

The list of Málaga flights below are the ones that are affected by the Ryanair cabin-crew strike on the 25th and 26th of this month. »

Sexy Ryanair Calendar Banned

By David Darby

Every year, since 2008, Ryanair have produced the Girls of Ryanair Calendar, which has raised over 600,000 euros for charity. However, this year, a Spanish judge has decided that the calendar is sexist and the advertising campaign for the 2014 edition must be dropped. »

Three More Spanish National Articles From May

By Duncan Inglis

Three interesting articles from the May edition, including Argentina doing the REPSOL dirty, airport taxes dispute & the free movement of people around the EU. »

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