Salobreña Beer Festival

SAL beer fest 2018On the night of the 28th of July you will be able to sample some fine beers down in La Fuente II in Salobreña.

You will have the chance to quaff a traditional artisanal beer, brewed in Motril whilst you enjoy a spot of live music from three Costa Tropical rock bands.

The first group on the stage is Proyecto Escrache from Castell de Ferro, followed by the Motril rock band, Ylem. And last on stage will be the local lads, Dlirium from Salobreña knocking out a spot of Heavy Metal.

Well, if the music turns out to be crap, then at least you’ve got the beer, so you’re on a winner whatever happens.

So that’s the 28th in La Fuente II at 22.00h, free admission – you might be charged to get out, mind…

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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