Peña Parda Parking Solved

LHR Controversial Parking Pillars 01Following yesterday’s Reader’s Letter about the posts on La Herraura beach to prevent parking, we decided to pop along, as well as, interview the La Herradura First Councillor.

When we were there on the beach yesterday morning, the Policía Local were having intense conversations with motorists who were parked against the pillars between Restaurante Peña Parda and Chambao de Vicente. As we watched, pedestrians were strolling across to express their opinions, too.

All along La Herradura beach road – not only at the Peña Parda end – there were small groups of people talking about the problem and the unanimous conclusion was that somebody, somewhere, was trying to sink local trade – not through design – but through seeming stupidity.

Yes, people are not happy about this short-sighted move, especially the local business sector, but perhaps the anger is directed in the wrong direction; i.e., at the Town Hall, because it was a Costas decision to put those posts there.

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Councillor Juan Ruiz Joya told us that The Town Council had reached an agreement with Costas that would leave room for parking against the pillars by moving them further onto the beach allowing side-by-side parking. Work will begin on moving them next Monday, the 20th.

The Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, who is from the same party as the one that controls Costas, thanked them for their willingness to talk about the problem. She did, however, just happen to mention that the local hostelry trade was not exactly planning on sending any Christmas cards to Costas this year.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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