Off-Duty Policeman Saves Life

An off-duty policeman managed to save the life of a biker who had suffered the amputation of his right legs after colliding with a lamppost in lcalá de Henares.

The policeman actually saw accident take place when the 49-year-old rider from Churriana lost control of the bike and crashed into the lamppost. He immediately applied a tourniquet to the stump, using his belt, as the victim had already lost a lot of blood and phoned for an ambulance. He also managed to keep him conscious and stop him going into shock.

The first to turn up were the Policía Local who secured accident scene to prevent further accidents, and then the ambulance arrived and took charge of the victim.

The next day the policeman visited the man in hospital, who is recovering thanks to the quick action of the policeman.

(News: Churriana de la Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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