Caught on Camera

The Guardia Civil arrested a man from Bulgaria in the north of the province, accused of raping his own 11-year-old daughter.

It was the mother, who is a victim herself of domestic violence, who had set up her mobilephone camera and left it in the bedroom that denounced him before the police.

The video evidence submitted by the woman immediately got the police to act and arrest the man. He was immediately placed in custody in the provincial prison in Albolote.

The man has no criminal record nor has been arrested for this kind of crime. However, it appears that this was not the first time that he had sexually assaulted his daughter and that she had been harassed since the age of eight, according to the mother.

One of the most difficult things in these kinds of sexual assault against minors is to prove it, unless there is medical/forensic evidence; i.e., traces of DNA. The trouble is that in many cases such incidents are brought before the police having elapse a period of time when such evidence lacking. Sadly, it’s not so much a case of proving that a child has been sexually assaulted, but of proving who was responsible.

Hence, the importance of his video evidence. The investigating judge, in order to increase the body of evidence, had the room inspected by forensic scientists, as well as ordering a medical examination of the victim.

The couple also have three more children, all boys, who together with the mother have been subjected to violence – apparently he kept a large stick with which he terrorised them, according to the mother and confirmed by the sons.

(News: Guadix, Granada, Andalucia)

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