Alone at Home with Dead Parents

AND Dead ParentsFour children, all minors, spent five days, alone at home with the bodies of their parents – the bodies were discovered on Saturday the 23rd.

The incident took place in Zarza-Perrunal (Huelva) when one of the children told the landlord that “mummy is asleep and very cold.”

The property owner hadn’t seen the parents for several days, hence his going around to the house. The child explained through the front door that his parents couldn’t come to the door because they were asleep.

Upon hearing the child say that they were very cold, he asked the lad to open the door for him, which the child did. The landlord went through to the bedroom and found them both dead. He immediately alerted the police.

The five children were first taken into care but later the biological father of three of them took charge of them.

Although it has yet to be confirmed by an autopsy, the cause of death is believed to have been an overdose. Furthermore, it appears that the children were used to caring for themselves; i.e., their 40-year-old mother and her boyfriend spending long periods in the bedroom without emerging.

Update: An autopsy has confirmed that they both died from taking an overdose of pills.

(News: Zarza-Perrunal, Huelva, Andalucia)

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