Park of Heroes

Readers will remember the fire in a bar in Lanjarón that resulted in three deaths; the town has dedicated a park to them in homage.

Antonio Castro Moreno, Miguel Ángel Maya Heredia and Francisco Vicente Manrique Gómez, all perished in a fire that was allaegedly caused  deliberately by a local, who also died in the fire at the Pub Nacional.

Present at the homage were the Mayor of Lanjarón, Eric Escobedo, the parish priest, Father Antonio Jesús and the Commanding officer of the Órgiva Guardia Civil post, Captain Jesús Ricardo Mira, amongst other dignatories.

The Langarón municipal band, comprising of 52 musicians played Ivanhoe, Fate Of The Gods and Ammerland, finishing the performance with Lanjarón’s own hymn.

The park, occupying an area of over 1,000 sq/m,  bears the name Mirador de los Héroes and can be found in front of the La Casita de Papel.

One of the plaques in the park bears the legend: in memory of those that gave their lives to save others and to avoid an even greater tragedy during the events of the 25th of June, 2016. The town of Lanjarón will be eternally grateful and will always keep them in mind.

(News: Lanjaron, Alpujarra, Granada, Andalucia)

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