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Motril Park Mugging

By Hugh MacArthur

Two men were arrested in Motril, suspected of taking part in a mugging in one of the town's parks. »

Camino de Gambullón Reopened

By Hugh MacArthur

The infrastucture work on Salobreña's TH1 area has finally been completed and the new road from the Peñon to La Guardia Inaugurated. »

Falling Tree Kills Toddler

By Vivienne Hughes

The heavy rains and high winds at the end of March caused the death of a 4-year old in a Madrid park when a tree fell on him. »

The Park That Isn’t

By Martin Myall

(COE) Nearly 5-million euros later and the new park, Cerro del Toro, to the north of Motril stands deteriorating, having never seen one single visitor - because it has never been opened. »

Sentimientos Argentinos – Parque Majuelo

By Louise Powell

(ISA) Sentimientos Argentinos performed by the performance company Estilo y Pasión & Revofando Sueños. When? I hear you ask. Tomorrow, starting at 22:00. »

Park of Heroes

By Hugh MacArthur

Readers will remember the fire in a bar in Lanjarón that resulted in three deaths; the town has dedicated a park to them in homage. »

Palm Maintenance in Motril

By Vivienne Hughes

The Motril Town Hall informs that the pruning of the town’s trees, especially the palmtrees, continues and is at present taking place on Calle Marquesa de Esquilache. »

Vandals Damage Taramay Park

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar policia municipal have identified a group of minors who participated in the vandalic acts carried out in the Parque El Pozuelo, in Taramay. »

Vandals Use Dogs on Park Wildlife

By Vivienne Hughes

On the last weekend of February, vandals broke into the Parque Fuente de la Villa in Salobreña, forcing the fence, before breaking the padlocks on the animal cages. »

Almuñécar Park Has Pathways Paved

By Vivienne Hughes

If you have visited the Parque Mediterraneo in Tarmay, Almuñécar, you will have seen that they are paving the paths with bricks. »

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