Motril Naval Open Day

MOT Naval PresenceNow that the air forces have had a chance to show off, it is the turn of the Spanish Navy, who will be visiting Motril Port on the 16th of June in strength.

Yes, my fine salty friends, seven naval warships will dock on the said Friday and members of the public will be able to visit from 17.00h to 20.00h and then on Saturday from 10.00h to 13.00h and then 17.20h to 20.00h in the evening.

The Chairman of the Port Authority, Francisco Álvarez de la Chica, and Naval Commander Antonio Mínguez, who has Almería and Motril Port within his responsibilities, announced the event, together with the Mayor of Motril, Flor Amon at the Club Náutico de Motril.

The ships that will dock will be the frigate Numancia, the patrol vessel Meteoro, the fleet auxiliary ship, Las Palmas and four mine layers, all of which will be open to members of the general public.

MOT MeteoroNo doubt the Royal Naval Association in Almuñécar will be checking out the ships of the Spanish counterparts, swinging a few lanterns and pulling up sandbags.

There’s even a free bus service from the centre of Motril, starting Friday afternoon and running through Saturday. There will also be special parking spaces made available in the port

Sounds like a great opportunity, so I’ll definitely be going and without a doubt, ex-powder monkey, Dave Darby, bless his briny socks!

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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