Employment Ruse

SPN Industrial LaundryThe Policía Nacional arrested the owner of an industrial laundry in Castellón for the illegal employment of a worker whom he didn’t even pay, let alone pay his Social Security.

The previously long-term, unemployed man was lured by the promise of a job, including food & accommodation, which turned out to be a piece of cardboard on the floor and blankets where he worked, and just spam rolls (mortadela).

All this came to light after the police received complaints from callers over a noisy row in a warehouse in Castellón – a patrol car was despatched to investigate.

When they got there they discovered that the row had broken out when the employee had demanded to be paid so that he could go back home after a week of living like this.

Editorial comment: It is testimony to the state of employment in Spain, despite the Government’s self congratulations over rising employment, that this worker had excepted the salary of 400 euros a month.

(News: Valencia, Castellón)

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