Explosion in French Nuclear Plant

SPN French Nuclear PlantTwenty-four hours after the Spanish Government spoke of authorising the reopening of an ageing nuclear power station in Spain, there has been an explosion in a French one.

The Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear gave a favourable report for a 20-year extension to the 40-year-old nuclear power station Garoña; the oldest in the country. It had been closed down by the previous (socialist) government because of age issues.

SPN Garoña Nuclear PlantThe Spanish Government is coming under heavy fire because of the escalating cost of domestic electricity bills, whose price fluctuates by the hour, thanks to the system imposed by the present conservative government.

The Prime Minister justified the sky-rocketing prices with a “lack of wind and rain,” which provoked ridicule as the gales, snow and floods shook Spain.

Information on the French incident this morning at Flamanville at around 10.00h is scant but the French authorities are saying that there is no cause for alarm. However, if your French is up to scratch you can find more information here.

(News: Spain)

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