Injured Horse near Ski Station

alp-injured-horse-onlSocial media, namely facebook, has been alive with concern of an injured horse wandering around the ski station area of Sierra Nevada. The story has been picked up by Ideal and Granada Hoy provincial dailies.

The animal has been seen near the Maribel and Del Rio ski slopes, looking for food.

It was a woman skier who first posted the news on facebook, both concerned about the plight of the horse as well as a possible accident involving skiers and the animal.

From there an animal-rights association took up the case but are struggling against a seeming indifference from the ski-station and local authorities.

The association had immediately contacted Seprona, which is the environmental department of the Guardia Civil, charged with protected flora and fauna. They also contacted the Policia Local in Monachil and the ski-resort company, Cetursa.

There was an attempt to capture the horse using tranquiliser darts but apparently this failed and the horse was able to run off.

Cetursa appears to have limited itself to informing the Guardia Civil and the administration that looks after the national park.

The Guardia Civil say that, at present, they are not doing anything, as they consider that it is Cetursa‘s problem. Nobody seems to know for certain who its owner is, they also pointed out.

In the meantime, at the time of writing the article; Christmas Eve, the horse with the leg injury continues up there in these subzero temperatures.

(News: Monachil, Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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