Almuñécar Plenary Meeting

alm-pleno-nov-2016-onlAlmuñécar will ask the Junta to take into account its reports on the projected mussel farm, rejecting its proposed location off the Punta de la Mona. The Town Hall wants a different, less prejudicial, location.

The Town Hall is worried that the installations will have a negative visual affect; i.e., it will be an eyesore. They’re also concerned about its ecological impact on the protected marine area (ZEC) around the Punta, not to mention a possible negative affect on tourism.

This affair was one of the subjects included within the Plenary Meeting of the Town Hall.

Also discussed is the lack of lighting on the access roads for the A-7 in La Herradura and Taramay, as well as the cactus plague.

Finally, another subject that was debated was the house on Calle El Olivo, belonging to the ex-municipal surveyor and the bylaws dealing with bar terraces.

Firstly, a change to the bar-terrace tax was approved (Ocupación de Vía Pública). According to Vice-Mayor Juan Jose Ruiz Joya, the changes will give “greater support to local businesses and better protection to public domain.” No mention of whether this will mean a greater expense for business owners was given in the official press release.

A motion to revise the building licence and First-Occupation Certificate belonging to the ex-Municipal Surveyor’s house in Cotobro was approved. However, the Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, pointed out that it wasn’t the task of the Plenary Meeting to make an analysis of the court case concerning the surveyors’s wife’s house. She said that demolition was not on the cards: “We do not have to take on responsibilities that are not ours,” she concluded.

Both the cactus plague and the A-7 lighting deficiencies were unanimously passed with both the former requiring an “urgent plan of action.” Not quite sure why the cactus problems is finally urgent because with the onset of winter the white-mosquito problem has disappeared.

Public functionaries were going to get a backdated Christmas bonus paid during November… what else?

Ah yes, the problem concerning the Peña Parda road-surface problem (La Herrdudra) was brought up by the PA to which the La-Herradura First Councillor, Juan José Ruiz Joya, responded with a situation report. No promises or dates were given.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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