Died for His Dog

We’re accustomed to hearing news about cruelty to animals, either at fiestas or at the hands of individual animal owners, so it’s gratifying to report the opposite.

However, the news is far from positive: a man died on Thursday the 11th attempting to rescue his dog from inside his burning car.

The incident occurred in Ayegui (Navarra), when the man was driving along the NA-1110. A fire broke out and rapidly spread through the vehicle but the man managed to get out unscathed. However his pet dog was still secured in the back.

Forgetting about his own safety, he struggled to open the back door, only to be engulfed in flames, leaving him with 70% burns to his body. Incapacitated and in shock, he was unable to prevent the dog from perishing.

He was rushed by ambulance to the nearest hospital in Navarra and then transferred by helicopter to the Serious-Burns Ward at the Hospital de Las Cruces in Vizcaya.

He succumbed to his injuries later that day.

(News: Ayegui, Navarra)

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