Beach Botellones

ALM Botellon 02For at least the last eight years Almuñécar’s Paseo del Altillo has suffered botellones that go on well into the early hours, leaving a rubbish-strewn battleground.

A botellon, if you are unfamiliar with the term is a spontaneous, street party-cum-carboot alcohol fest. Bring your own booze, ice, plastic cups and, of course, music, and dance the night away. Unfortunately, nobody thinks that if they had room to bring their bottles, cups etc, then they have room to take them away with them when they leave.

The result is a large area littered with plastic bags, plastic cups, empty bottles – some broken – and pools of vomit.

The latest development in Almuñécar has been the ‘migration’ from El Paseo del Altillo to the beach in front of the old Hiper; i.e., Playa Puerta del Mar.

It all falls to the Town Hall through the municipal police to control, if not prevent, these gatherings but it seems that they have simply given up, preferring to turn a deaf ear to complaints from locals over the noise and mess. High summer, after all is over, bar the shouting and the problem ‘will go away by itself’ they must have decided.

AND Botellon OnLLast year there were constant police patrols, both by the Guardia Civil and by the Policía Local, which managed to control the situation.

But this year party goers have simply moved away from the Paseo to avoid being fined and it doesn’t appear that the municipal police have followed them to the new location.

Apart from the noise, literally until dawn, the problem is an economic one for night bars. They pay their taxes all year round and then have to witness the ‘unfair competition’ of revellers just along the road.

But then there is the fact that a good percentage of youngsters don’t have the money to spend the night in the bars, where the price of drinks is well out of their reach. The answer, from their point of view, is to stock up from the supermarket, make sure you have plenty of music, and live it up on the beach.

You can understand the bar owners and you can understand the youngsters with a limited budget, but perhaps what is more difficult to understand is why the police are not more active.

Finally, Motril has the same problem, but the town hall has been much more effective in dealing with it.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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