High-Speed Wheelchair

The Guardia Urbana in Barcelona are trying to find a man who was caught on film speeding down Calle Muntaner, overtaking cars… on a wheelchair.

The highly mobile gentleman zigzagged in and out of the traffic, speeding past envious car drivers. The feat was recorded by a passenger on the back of a motorbike, after having been overtaken by the customized wheelchair.

Trouble is, although the police are itching to have a chat with the intrepid ‘pilot,’ it is proving almost impossible, as firstly they have to catch him in the act and secondly, his wheelchair doesn’t have a number plate with which to identify him and finally, his face was not visible in the surprising video.

Now, if they could catch the ‘phantom wheelchair rider’ they would slap a 500-euro fine on him.

However, as surprising as this occurrence appears, it’s not the first time that something like this has taken place: a man in a motorized wheelchair was caught doing 80 kph on a main road in Brazil, whilst back here in dear Spain in 2007, a man on a motorized bed (pictured here right) was caught on an autovia on his way to visit his favourite brothel; he was obviously in rush, bless him.

In case you were in any doubt, a wheelchair user is classified as a pedestrian and must use pavements and are not permitted to break the sound barrier on route to an abode of ill repute or otherwise.

Editorial comment: this piece of news was reported on the national TV news. In the TV report a woman was asked her thoughts and she responded that he should have been careful – he could have had an accident… He’s in a bloody wheelchair, Madam – how do you think he came to be using one in the first place?

(News: Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain)

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