Harleys in No Hurry

MOT Harley Meet OnLOver a hundred Harley Davidson bikes left Hotel Robinson Playa Granada in Motril to rape and pillage… well, just for a ride, really. Yet what is the point of having a Harley if you can’t terrorize meek townsfolk?

Anyway, I digress… Over 100 Harleys left the hotel for the city of Granada for a stately ride accompanied by their customary growling… the bike engines, not the riders.

The bike meet bears the name of Toro Run and attracts Harley D. owners from Andalusia, as well as German, Norway and Swiss riders. This year’s is the 8th such meet, by the way.

The Vice-Mayor of Motril, Alicia Crespo, said that the Town Hall gives full support to such events, as they spread the name ‘Motril’ far and wide: “There are 180 bikers and companions staying at Hotel Robinson during the week that the even runs, which is the starting point for their daily excursions.”

The nucleus of the event are German Harley owners who come down each year to tour Eastern Andalusia and whilst they are down here they meet up with local Harley clubs in the provinces of Málaga and Granada, which is why their meets comprise of so many machines.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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