It’s Dirty Out There

ECO beached fishboat OnLSince the 7th of September, Costa Tropical inshore fishermen have pulled more rubbish out of the sea than fish.

The beginning of September, of course, saw heavy rainfall and the barrancos & ramblas washing literally tonnes of vegetation, plastic and rubbish in general, out to sea… which is what is ripping the hell out of local fishermen’s nets.

Local fishermen based on the eastern end of the coast say that the 35 kilometres between Calahonda and La Rábita are full of bamboo canes, etc, which snag in the nets and rip them, forcing fishermen to return to shore and repair their nets.

Those 35 kilometres represent almost half of the Costa Tropical’s 80-km length.

This situation is affecting 98 fishermen, 32 boat owners and as many boats, forcing them to fish further out at greater depths as the debris is found up to 100 metres out.

So they start 100 metres out and clean up all the way to the shore, spending a couple of hours each day – a couple of weeks ago they fished out total of 3,500 kilos of plastic sheeting from the greenhouses as well as the odd lorry tyre.

Of course, having to fish further out, the type of fish caught differs: now they’re catching monkfish, prawns and shrimps, where as closer in shore it was squid, plaice, etc.

Apart from lower catches and flash-flood contamination, some Granada-based ships have left for Almería and Málaga waters because the fish population here has dropped so low that there are too many boats for the fish-breeding grounds now.

Some fishermen have hung up their nets for good and gone back to agriculture.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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