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Seaweed’s Origin Confirmed

By Martin Myall

The University of Granada has confirmed that the seaweed found off La Rábit is indeed of the Asian variety that is causing problems near Cádiz. »

Looming Seaweed Problem

By Vivienne Hughes

Fishermen came across a strange 'catch' in their nets off La Rábita on Wednesday - a mass of seaweed looking like a kind normally found in the Pacific. »

Two Months Three Dolphins

By Vivienne Hughes

In the last two months five creatures, amongst them three dolphins, have appeared dead on the beaches of Costa Tropical. The other two were a turtle and a shark. »

Biggest Beach Clean Up

By Louise Powell

Over 500 volunteers, amongst them 15 professional scuba divers and 40 snorkelers cleaned up the seabed off the eastern end of the Costa Tropical. »

Radical Rábita Imam Expelled

By Martin Myall

The Policía Nacional, acting on orders from the Ministry of the Interior, have expelled a radical Iman from La Rábita over his extremist and violent messages. The expulsion was carried out last Friday. »

Costas Greenhouses & Bulldozers

By Martin Myall

Wednesday saw the bulldozers move into action on Playa El Pozuelo, demolishing the greenhouses that have stood there for nearly 40 years. »

Fishy Fish Confiscated

By Hugh MacArthur

The environmental protection department of the Guardia Civil (Seprona) have confiscated 600 kilos fish in La Rábita, at the eastern end of the Costa Tropical. »

It’s Dirty Out There

By Martin Myall

Since the 7th of September, Costa Tropical inshore fishermen pull out of the sea more rubbish than fish. »

Man Killed in Rubite Flood

By David Darby

A 61-year-old man has died when he was caught in a flash flood in Casarones (Rubite) on the eastern Costa Tropical. »

Coastal Repairs Disappointment

By Vivienne Hughes

It now seems that the four municipalities on the Costa Tropical will have to share a less-than-expected sum between them for coastal, storm-damage repairs. »

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