Steps and Slopes

LHR Cuesta Peralta OnLFor three months work on the old town of La Herradura has been plunging ahead, but things are concluding.

The latest work has been on the bottom end of Cuesta Peralta and nearby connecting streets.

Locals from that area have always had problems with damp seeping into their houses owning to a lack of rain drainage; heavy rainfall causes the said streets to turn into mini rapids, especially on Cuesta de Peralta and Cuesta de Fray Leopoldo, so the new rain-drainage system is very welcome.

LHR Street Mosaics OnLOnce the work under the streets was completed, a new surface has been laid, complete with beach-pebble mosaics using pebbles of four different colours.

But not everybody is happy, especially the PSOE opposition party, who are neither happy with the fact that the governing party chose to carry out this sort of work all through the high tourist season, nor with the end result of Cuesta Peralta.

The PSOE say that the street is called “Cuesta” and not “Escaleras” for a good reason. The sarcasm underlines the fact that what was a few step on a sloping street is now a regiment of stone steps, which, considers the PSOE, is a architectural barrier for elderly residents.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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