Man Drowns Attempting Rescue

AND Monsul OnLA 41-year-old man drowned attempting to rescue two minors off Playa Monsul in Almería’s Nijar-Cabo de Gata natural park.

The man, who had been on holiday from Jaén, had seen the two minors struggling in the strong currents caused by the Poniente winds (coming from the west) and had struck out only to succumb himself.

The minors were finally rescued by other bathers who had witnessed the unfolding tragedy.

Playa Mónsul
is a very popular, completely unspoilt beach stretching right across a bay. The water is shallow meaning that you can literally walk out 50 metres and the water barely reaches your chest. However, beyond the headland the currents are strong in these conditions.

(News: San José, Almeria)

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