Disgraced Guardsman

The Spanish Supreme Court has ratified the military court’s decision to expel a guardsman from the Guardia Civil for committing robberies… he was even wearing his uniform.

The now ex-policeman burst into two homes in Zaragoza, together other gang members, telling the house owners that they were carrying out a drugs search.

According to the military tribunal, which had sentenced him to seven and a half years imprisonment, he used the same modus operandi twice, which also involved tying up the victims whilst they cleaned out the house of valuable objects.

The excuse of being a Guardia Civil team carrying out a drugs search was only to get them through the door, whence all pretense was dropped and the robbery got underway.

The Guardia Civil were already onto him before he carried out his second raid and had his mobile tapped so that shortly after he and two accomplice entered the second home they had swooped and arrested all three.

(News: Alagon, Zaragoza, Spain)

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