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The Empty Spain

By Martin Myall

Spain has never had a high population density owing to its orography, but what population there is has been sliding our of Rural Spain. »

Franco’s Grandson…

By Martin Myall

Franco's grandson went before the judge in Teruel for a hearing and could face a 6-year-imprisonment sentence... for being just a little bit naughty. »

Cop Killer Caught

By Hugh MacArthur

A Serbian man, wanted by the law, shot dead two Guardia Civil policemen and a farmer in Teruel, in the north of Spain. »

Speeding Mayor Nabbed

By Hugh MacArthur

The Mayor of Alcañiz (Teruel) was caught doing 211 KPH on a stretch of road with at 100 KPH speed limit. He said that he was sorry. »

Woman Dies Covering Up for Sons

By Hugh MacArthur

A mother died of a heart attack after swallowing large quantities of drugs to hide them from the Guardia Civil and thus prevent the arrest of her sons. »

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