Almuñécar’s PA Poster Attrition

PP posters vandalised OnLThe Partido Andalucista in Almuñécar (Benavides) has registered a complaint before the Guardia Civil to say that somebody is vandalizing its campaign posters.

The PA points out that many of its posters have been ripped down and strewn on the ground. Therefore, it calls citizens to exercise tolerance and respect during the run up for the coming local elections.

Editorial comment: I recently found a string of PP posters with Trini’s face on them tangled around the wheels of my parked bike, so it seems that it is not only Benny’s posters that are being targeted. Could it be, perhaps, that people are just sick and tired of politicians in general?

Furthermore, although political parties are in a rush to stick their posters up, once the elections are past, they don’t seem in such a rush to dispose of them.

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