Silvia, Curro & Castration

A woman from Jaén is up before a judge for castrating her dog, DIY style.

25-year-old Silvia C.H. is facing a 5-month, suspended sentence for allegedly attempting to whip off the mutts ‘genital undercarriage.’ Two weeks later, seeing that the Curro was ‘going down hill, she reportedly decided to abandon him.

On the 13th of May, 2013, thirty days after being abandoned and at a distance of 25 kms, a man in Torredelcampo came across the Cocker Spaniel in an obvious state of distress: thirsty, dirty, extremely thin and with its testicles hanging out of its scrotum – the wound was infected and was crawling with maggots.

There was also a rubber band around its scrotum.

He took it to the vet and out of his own pocket had the dog treated – effectively, saving its life… but not its testicles.

The animal had a chip and the owner was contacted. However, the man said that a woman in Las Infantes had bought it from him, and supplied her address, etc.

Upon being informed by the vet that the dog was still alive, Silvia asked for Curro back – and it was duly returned as the vet could not legally hang onto it against the owner’s wishes.

If found guilty of cruelty to animals, she will also be forbidden from owning or working with animals for two years. She will also have to pay compensation to the man in order to return the money he had spent on bringing the dog back to health.

(News: Las Infantes, Jaen, Andalucia)

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