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Evil Vet & Dastardly Hunters

By Vivienne Hughes

Seven locals from Tierra de Barros (Badajoz) were arrested for cruelty to animals. Also arrested was a vet charged with the same and forgery. »

Illegal Rat Poison Use

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil environmental department, SEPRONA, is investigating an Almuñécar man for putting down rat poison in fruit plantation. »

Salobreña Pet Deaths

By Vivienne Hughes

The Ciudadanos political party in Salobreña has expressed its concern over the deaths of several pets around town within a short space of time. »

Animal Cruelty in Malaga

By Vivienne Hughes

Seprona, which is a department of the Guardia Civil charged with crimes against the environment and animals in particular, has been busy in the province of Malaga. »

Blows over Dog deaths

By Martin Myall

A brawl over the poisoning of several dogs resulted in six people being treated for injuries in Las Gabias. »

Silvia, Curro & Castration

By Martin Myall

A woman from Jaén is up before the judge for castrating her dog, DIY style. »

Vet kelibia, Almuñécar

By David Darby

If you have a new pet, or even an old one, pop in and find out about all their veterinary and grooming services at Vet Kelibia, Almuñécar. »

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd and Four’s Illegal

By Hugh MacArthur

The Granada City Hall has just brought out a bylaw that effectively prohibits home owners from have more than three dogs or cats at home. »

Cheap Cremation

By Martin Myall

A vet in Alicante is in a spot of bother after allegedly cutting up his wife and using a furnace for disposing of animal cadavers to dispose of her remains. »

Horse Causes Road Accident

By Editor

Three members of a family; two men and their mother, were injured when their van collided with a horse on the N-340 between Motril and Torrenueva. The animal had escaped from a field near Motril. It took seven hours before the animal, which was in agony, was put down. »

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