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Illegal Rat Poison Use

By Martin Myall

The Guardia Civil environmental department, SEPRONA, is investigating an Almuñécar man for putting down rat poison in fruit plantation. »

Salobreña Pet Deaths

By Vivienne Hughes

The Ciudadanos political party in Salobreña has expressed its concern over the deaths of several pets around town within a short space of time. »

Animal Cruelty in Malaga

By Vivienne Hughes

Seprona, which is a department of the Guardia Civil charged with crimes against the environment and animals in particular, has been busy in the province of Malaga. »

Blows over Dog deaths

By Martin Myall

A brawl over the poisoning of several dogs resulted in six people being treated for injuries in Las Gabias. »

Silvia, Curro & Castration

By Martin Myall

A woman from Jaén is up before the judge for castrating her dog, DIY style. »

Vet kelibia, Almuñécar

By David Darby

If you have a new pet, or even an old one, pop in and find out about all their veterinary and grooming services at Vet Kelibia, Almuñécar. »

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd and Four’s Illegal

By Hugh MacArthur

The Granada City Hall has just brought out a bylaw that effectively prohibits home owners from have more than three dogs or cats at home. »

Cheap Cremation

By Martin Myall

A vet in Alicante is in a spot of bother after allegedly cutting up his wife and using a furnace for disposing of animal cadavers to dispose of her remains. »

Horse Causes Road Accident

By Editor

Three members of a family; two men and their mother, were injured when their van collided with a horse on the N-340 between Motril and Torrenueva. The animal had escaped from a field near Motril. It took seven hours before the animal, which was in agony, was put down. »

Good Home for Strays?

By Editor

Dr Animal has two strays and they’re looking for a good home for them. Bongo and Bruno are two young (1.5 years old) castrated males, found abandoned on the beach. Both are very healthy animals (all vaccines are up to date and have they have microchips). »

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