Gremlins in Motril

MOT Gremlins OnL
No, it’s not a minature-meanie invasion but the annual bike meet organised by the local bikers club, Los Gremlins.

This weekend, the 6th and 7th of September will see the 22nd annual bike meet of the club, which will be held in the Plaza de Toros, Pepe El Berenjeno.

And it’s not just about leather, tattoos and beards (and that’s just the women) or admiring each other’s mount, because like previous years the Gremlins will be raising funds for charities; this year it is in support of Luis Alberto, who suffers from Acondroplasia.

Chairman of the club, or leader of the pack, if you prefer, José Luis Medina explained that the weekend’s activities included the ride around town, making small dogs faint and ladies bark, all accompanied by live music!

The human sacrifice has been cancelled because the hostage has gone down with a cold and won’t be able to attend, so the 100-metre teddy-bear ‘dragged in chains’ event will take its place if the Chairman can be persuaded to hand his over.

(New: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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