Revenge from Beyond

epitaph messege for tax ministerThere are few places where you an be assured of the last word; however, an epitaph on a headstone is certainly one of them.

José María Bejarano Martín decided that he wouldn’t pass on to the next world without leaving his feelings about the Head of the Tax Office, Cristóbal Montoro fully expressed:

Montoro, Cabrón, ahora ven y cobras. D.E.P
, which translates loosely into Montoro, Bastard, now come and try getting your money. R.I.P.

You see, our defunct hero was a disgruntled musician who had suffered under the huge hike in IVA on culture (music reproduction platforms, theatre, concert and cinema entrance tickets, etc).

José María, or Chema, as he was known amongst family and friends, besides being a musician himself, was also a concert organizer for other musicians – Montoro’s new tax rates hit him full on.

So, he gave instruction to his widow and son giving them the duty to make sure that his personal message for the Minister was placed on his tomb.

And before you go off thinking that José María was a lefty-wefty, pinko, he was a life-long conservative and staunch PP voter.

(News: Valladolid, Spain)

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