Work on Almuñécar’s Plaza de Madrid Begins

ALM Plaza Madrid Work 03 OnLThe Mayor of Almuñécar, together with the relevant councillors, met with business owners and residents to inform them in person of the details involved.

“The idea is,” she explained, “that those directly affected should hear from the Town Council what we’re doing in the area.”

What they are doing is renewing all the pipework under the Plaza de Madrid (Fisherman’s statue) and Avenida de Andalucía; water mains, sewage and rain drainage.

She promised that the first phase (from the plaza up to Calle Granada) would be concluded with the “arrival of July,” whilst the second phase, from Calle Granada all the way up to top of Avenida de Andalucia, would begin after the summer.

The Head of the Maintenance and Works, Department, José Manuel Fernández, explained that the street would be surfaced with the same materials and design for the whole of phase one and two.

This means that the ‘new’ but worse-for-wear upper section of Avenida de Andalucía, will be redone. Ironically, the older lower section is in much better shape.

ALM Plaza Madrid Work 01 OnLEditorial Comment: quite apart from the disturbing fact that public works never conclude on time, it is surprising that the one-way street between the Altillo and El Peñon del Santo is not opened to one-way traffic in the opposite direction to allow wheeled traffic (delivery vans etc, as well as cars) access to El Paseo del Altillo.

Alternatively, they can reverse the flow on the ramp road running down the side of the Paseo so that cars can drive up and then left along the Paseo and on.

At the moment, access to the underground car park is only available from the beach entrance/exit on the lower floor.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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