Bear With a Sore Head

Online BearOff to Ontario, Canada, with the story of an unfortunate bear who became the victim of his own natural curiosity and continuous search for goodies. The black bear ended up with his head stuck in a white plastic container just outside the town of Sudbury one Sunday last month.

The poor lad was completely blinded by his encumbrance, which caused him to blunder into just about everything in his path, including a police car. He eventually settled down to rest and perhaps see if his luck would change… it did, in the form a tranquilizer dart in the rear.

Apparently, the plastic container was used by a Sudbury resident to store birdseed. But when the owner of the container heard a noise outside, he saw the black bear wandering around with the containers on his head and contacted the police.

The first police contact was made at around 5.30am and the bear was eventually darted using a long pole at around 9am. After the container was cut off the bear’s head, he was taken some way from Sudbury and released back into the wild.

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