ALM Panoramic view OnLThat’s the official population of Almuñécar, according to the INE (National Institute of Statistics). The Town Hall disagrees.

According to the municipal register, there are 29,407, but such a discrepancy is pretty normal as the figures for people moving from one municipality to another take a while to seep through the system to be picked up on a national level, just to give one example.

So, working with local figures, the Oficina Municipal de Estadística as of the 1st of January puts the figure at 14,632 males and 14,775 females. Reassuringly, those two totals for the individual sexes add up exactly to the 29,407 figure…

Again, local-based figures for 2013 show that 1,099 people joined the local population whilst 997 left it, meaning that there are an extra 100 people, more or less, wandering around.

But not everybody arrives or leaves with a suitcase because Almuñécar registered 202 deaths and 211 births.

Now, the bit you are waiting for, what about Johnny Foreigner? The answer is that 214 turned up and 68 packed their bags.

That’s the official figures but there probably a dozen or two new arrivals hiding under upturned boats on the beach and at least a couple that were supposed to have left but got too drunk at their going-away party and have fallen asleep in the bar toilet…

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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