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Bear With a Sore Head

Off to Ontario, Canada, with the story of an unfortunate bear who became the victim of his own natural curiosity and continuous search for goodies. The black bear ended up with his head stuck in a white plastic container just outside the town of Sudbury one Sunday last month.

Cash Burning Canadians

This story came to light on the BBC website, and concerns a Canadian radio station burnt about 3,000 euros in cash as part of a contest for their listeners.

Bad Day

Off to British Columbia in Canada now and the tale of a man who recently had what must have been one of the worst days of his life.

Cat Campaign – Wonky World

The Seaside Gazette has Stand-Up Stan and now Halifax in Canada has Tuxedo Stan, who is campaigning to become may of the town. Of course, this being a World Section story, Tuxedo Stan is a cat.