WLD PalcoholWe are far from certain as to whether this will ever reach Europe, but US regulators have, for reasons know only to themselves, approved a product which has already become know as Palcohol… powdered alcohol!  (We know what you are going to ask).

At first there will only be margarita, mojito, cosmopolitan and lemon drop flavors, which will be sold as a powder in a packet, which, when added to water, creates the appropriate drink. Of course the biggest complaint about this development is the age group that the powders will appeal to, especially with the popularity of Alcopops. (Yes, we will get to that question).

So, how soon will the first packets of Palcohol be on the shelves in the US? Well, Palcohol‘s founder says that he expects the product to be on shelves this coming autumn. Approval was obtained by the US Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau (TTB) and was further approved by central government. However, there may be appeals from the liquid alcohol producers.

As for the obvious question… Can you snort the stuff? The answer is believed to be a simple ‘yes.’ Having said that, the alcohol would be in your bloodstream almost instantly and you would therefore feel the effects much quicker than when imbibing liquid alcohol. So it is strong recommended that you do not attempt this.

Well, that warning is going to stop the kids putting the stuff up their noses isn’t it? Yeah right!

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