Rapper Cuts Off Penis

The reasons behind this bizarre incident are still unclear, but what is clear is that Andrew Johnson, who performs as the rapper Christ Bearer, cut off his own penis and then threw himself off a second-floor balcony. The 40-year-old rapper somehow survived and has been left with serious injuries.

According to CNN, Johnson was taken by ambulance from outside the North Hollywood apartment building to the Cedars-Sinai medical centre. Doctors have refused to comment on whether any attempt has been made to reattach the rappers wayward member.

The only witnesses to the incident were two members of Northstar, another rap group who have had collaboration links with Johnson in the past. The two live in the same building and said that Johnson had not been taking drugs and without warning cut off his penis with a kitchen knife and jumped off the balcony. They both ran downstairs to find Johnson on the ground screaming.

Anyone who is into rap will know that Johnson, or Christ Bearer, has just released Oooh! which is a new video featuring Rugged Monk. An album was scheduled for release on 28th April, which is Johnson’s 41st birthday.

Did you notice how throughout that article I pretended that I am ‘down with the kids’ with all those rap based names? Also, how I resisted any tasteless jokes about Johnson cutting off his Johnson? I most certainly hope you are impressed by my restraint.

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