Almuñécar Councillors’ Pay Cut

ALM Plenary Meeting AP14 OnLThe Almuñécar Town Hall has finally come into line with the cuts ordered by the Central Government on municipal administrations.

The decision to adopt the measures was taken in the last Plenary Meeting of the Town Council in which the voting was ‘unanimously’ in favour.

The said cuts, which represent a 20.5% saving in salaries, play out like this:

Convergencia Andaluza (CA) will now only have one full-time councillor and three part-time ones, who will receive 75% of a full salary. Without doubt this party was hit the hardest.

The governing PP maintains all its councillor salaries and they go to Juan José Ruiz Joya, María del Carmen Reinoso, Antonio Laborda, María del Mar Medina, José Manuel Fernández and of course the Mayor, Trinidad Herrera, who will earn 55,000 (gross) per annum.

The PSOE will have only one paid councillor, Ascensión Ruiz Pozo, and the two PA councillors, who form part of the governing coalition, will retain theirs: Luis Aragón & Olga Ruano.

Now, the town also foots the bill for a swarm of ‘advisers & secretaries,’ whose numbers have also been reduced to: The Mayor’s Secretary (who is her sister), the Secretary for the PP, two Secretaries for the PSOE, two Secretaries for the IU and one Secretary for the CA. Again, note how Benavides’ party; the most voted party and with the most Councillors, paid or not, only gets one Secretary…

Finally, another subject covered in the Plenary Meeting was the allocation of voting urns for the coming European Elections.

Almuñécar has 18,704 registered voters, 18,108 are Spaniards and 632 are foreigners.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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