Six Years for Making Too Much Noise

The Provincial Law Court of Granada has sentenced a bar owner in Atarfe to six years’ imprisonment for excessive and continual noise pollution. And just in case you think the magistrate has a soft spot for proprietor, he also has to pay 24,000 euros in compensation.

For seven long years his pub terrace belted out enough noise to wake the dead and prevent the living from sleeping.

The 4-person family in a neighbouring house had consistently had to put up with 53 decibels – the maximum is 48. The family had bought their apartment in 2005 and the problems began in 2006. They put up with the torment until 2011 before they reported the owner.

But it was not only the noise that tipped the magistrate’s reasoning against the pub owner, because the establishment didn’t even have an opening licence and continued to operate even though the Town Hall ordered it closed in April 2011.

(News: Atarfe, Granada, Andalucia)

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