Tipping Fire Engines

The Granada Fire Service is not happy with their new fire trucks, which have a tendency, to roll over.

Obviously, a fire service belonging to a provincial capital has a wide range of vehicles; ones for getting down narrow streets and hardy, 4×4 lorries for accessing surrounding rugged-terrain countryside.

However, there are two types that are proving problematic because they have not been made to the specification laid down by the experts. One is already in service and the other is due to be delivered soon.

One of the vehicles concerned is of the type Unimog, which are used for rural areas, especially heavily wooded areas. The problem is that one company makes the lorries and another one modifies them into their fire-fighting roles but these modifications allegedly make them unstable, with a tendency to tip over.

The other vehicles are BUL‘s or Light Urban Fire Engines. The trouble is that they are bigger than the required specifications and have a smaller water-carrying capacity than needed.

These vehicles have still not been delivered and the Fire Service Union refuses to officially take them on. They are too wide for some of the narrowest streets in Granada, such as in the Albaicín quarter. The specifications laid down called for narrower vehicles.

However, the Granada Fire Chief admits that they are very good vehicles and that the company should have no difficulty selling them to a different municipal fire service that doesn’t have to cope with the very narrow streets of Barrio Albaicín.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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