The Now Traditional Benny Acquittal

ALM Benavides CourtYes, Almuñécar ex-Mayor, Juan Carlos Benavides has been acquitted for the umpteenth time. Two years after the case was registered, it was shelved.

Juan Carlos, whom many expect (reluctantly or not) to be the next Mayor, had been charged, together with ex-Councillor, María Dolores Sánchez Montes, over alleged dodgy dealings involving a local printing company, Graficas Seximar, SL.

The opposition parties at the time claimed that the majority of orders sent out to printers by the Town Hall during the last Benavides administration went to the said printer; the trouble was, the printer concerned belongs to the family of ex-Councillors María Dolores Sánchez.

Anyway, the Almuñécar judge considered that it could not be proved that ‘illegal activity’ had taken place.

Read our article from the time for the background of the case HERE.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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