Chinese Shopkeeper Released over Killing

Two men tried to hold up a small self-service shop around 08.45 one Saturday morning, resulting in one of them dying as the result of a knife wound. They hadn’t counted on the Chinese shopkeeper resisting.

The shopkeeper was remanded in custody accused of manslaughter but has since been released pending trial. The second thief, however, has been sent directly to prison until the trial.

The thieves had burst into the shop, on Calle Santa Clara in the Zaidín district of Granada, armed with large knives. One of the thieves attempted to prod the man with his knife, to install some alacrity in his response. The other thief hit him on the head with a bottle – none of this pleased the shopkeeper, which is when he sprang into action, slicing one of the assailant’s jugular vein with the man’s own knife, in a desperate attempt at self defence.

The other thief ran off but later turned himself in.

The dead man, 26 years of age, had knocked up eight arrests between April and May last year, so he was no stranger to the police.

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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