Death Threats in Almuñécar

The Guardia Civil in Almería arrested four individuals, accused of extortion and death threats against an Almuñequero family.

The accused allegedly targeted the family, demanding that they handed over ‘an important sum of money,’ to pay off their son’s debts.

The arrested men, all in their 30’s, hail from El Ejido and Pechina in the province of Almería. All of them have ample criminal convictions for this kind of offence.

The Guardia Civil got wind of what was happening on the 11th of February after the father reported the situation at the local Guardia Civil post at the top of town. The threats had been going on since mid January.

It appears that the son had met the four men in Almería and they had offered him a ‘transport job’ for a drug assignment. It’s not clear how, but the assignment got lost, which is why the gang were demanding this sizable amount of money

The father said that he had already made two payments; one of 9,000 euros and the other, 15,000 euros, which had ruined them. However, the gang were demanding 27,000 more.

Once the statement was made in Almuñécar, the affair was past up to the provincial HQ, but the information that they had to go on was very sketchy, making the investigation hard going.

However, they eventually came up with the number plate of one of the gang members. Armed with this information they had one name and were soon able to connect the other members.

But it didn’t end there, because one thing is knowing who they are, and another is actually finding them – all were of ‘no fixed abode.’

The two most dangerous members were arrested in El Ejido, the third in Pechina and the fourth in Almuñécar.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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