A Different Kind of Tales of the Alhambra

AND Alhambra OnLSeventy-seven employees at the Alhambra Palace monument stand accused of fraud concerning admission ticket trafficking.

…And it’s about time, because the scandal broke in 2005 but has only now reached the hearing stage.

The accused have been charged on five counts: embezzlement of public funds and mercantile document forgery amongst them. Just one of these charges could earn the accused up to eight years’ imprisonment.

Amongst the 70 accused there are monument guides, ticket office attendants and even employees at the BBVA (bank), which was just one of the entities able to sell entrance tickets. Employees from two travel agents: Daraxtour and Washington Irving have also been charged.

Things began to come to light in August 2005 wen the Chairman of the Board that manages the monument had ‘certain irregularities’ brought to his attention.

The ‘gang’ controlled all the group passes and handled 50,900 ‘missing or stolen’ passes.

Within the case documents is a report by the police which reads: “on the 5th of November, 2005, at 09.35h with J.M.P. and A.J.S.P. on the doors, a group of 18 Japanese tourists entered without handing over any entrance tickets…”

Well, this should be interesting – let’s see how it develops…

(News: Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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