Six Years for Shooting at The Police

No need to panic; nobody’s been shooting at the legendary members of the 70’s group, The Police – we’re referring to the Guardia Civil.

It was on one October night in 2012 that José R.L. thought that it was a good idea to blast away with his shotgun at two Guardia Civil policemen near Pinos Puente.

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You have to be a particularly bad shot to miss with a shotgun, but José selflessly did, because neither was injured. He did manage to bruise them a bit, however, resisting arrest.

Now, the Public Prosecutor recommended 23 years’ imprisonment but the judge opted for six because he considered that it could not be proven that José had intended to murder them, as the P.P. claimed.

So why did José, “two-barrels,”decide that if it’s mean and green, it needs to be shot? Good question. This is how it happened…

The two policemen had pulled over a car with two occupants near Vereda de la Alameda (Pinos Puente). José, who was in his cortijo about 100m away, decided to empty both barrels.

Startled by the report and the impact of pellets against the olive trees behind them, the policemen dived to the ground, momentarily, before jumping up and getting into their patrol car and set off for the cortijo with lights and sirens blazing.

No doubt the occupants of the car that the police had been inspecting decided that it was a good time to be elsewhere, as the police had lost interest in their paperwork, because there is no further mention of them in the report.

Now, José might, admittedly, have imagined that the rapidly approaching flashing lights belonged to a UFO, rather than a Guardia Civil patrol car, because he popped off another double load, shattering the side window of the car.

The two policeman must have also thought that they were dealing with an extraterrestrial because no sane human being would be shooting at the Guardia Civil with such gay abandon.

They screeched to a halt, strapped on bullet-proof vests and radioed for reinforcements. Meanwhile, searching around the outside of the cortijo they found José lying amongst the olive trees. He jumped up, pushed one policeman off his feet, and high-tailed it to the cortijo.

However, he didn’t reach it because the other policeman cut him off at the pass. Soon, the two policeman, one local policeman and José where joined in a tangle of limbs and oaths, at which point they all fell down a short flight of stone steps.

Well, it all eventually sorted itself out with José suitably disarmed, cuffed and installed in the patrol car. A quick search of the cortijo turned up the shotgun, a pistol and ammunition for both firearms – but a distinct lack of a gun licence, however.

In his defence, José said that he had heard voices down on the road and had thought that it had been a fight. However, he totally denied having fired the shotgun, but instead had merely “heard the shots.” To be on the safe side, he also denied hiding amongst the trees and having wrestled with the policeman.

It cannot be denied, however, that José has been wrestling with reality…

(News: Pinos Puentes, Granada, Andalucia)

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