Water Protest in Almuñécar

ALM Water ProtestsWell over a hundred farmers belonging to the various irrigation associations in Almuñécar turned out to protest in the Town Hall Square. Some sources put the turn out as “several hundred.”

This was part of a wider protest convoked by the Comunidad General de Regantes del Bajo Guadalfeo de la Costa Tropical to demonstrate against the tarifazo eléctrico; i.e., the new and controversial electricity prices.

One of the prime demands is for water from the Rules Dam to be brought to the area, not only to guarantee sufficient irrigation water, but also to do away with the almost prohibitive cost of pumping water up from the water table.

The Chairman of the irrigation association, José Rodríguez, was disappointed, however, with the turn out, describing it as “very poor,” given the importance of the matter.

“We hope that if we have to convoke further demonstrations there will be a better response from farmers. More involvement is necessary. Our demands must count on more support so that our goal is achieved,” he said.

The Mayor of Almuñécar, Trinidad Herrera, and members of her cabinet expressed their support for the farmers by joining the demonstration. There was even a banner hung from the town hall building’s balconies reading, The Town Council of Almuñécar is with the farmers for fairer electricity rates.

It is significant that a conservative mayor calls upon the conservative Central Government to make changes to its latest decision on how the price of electricity is set.

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