Best Not Annoy The Firemen

SPN irate firemenSo, there were the riot police in Burgos, skipping, gleefully, behind fleeing protesters when they came across some firemen… These sturdy gentlemen were very busy indeed, trying to put out a blazing rubbish hopper.

Being polite and respectful, the eager riot policemen, sensing that needy citizens might well go without their ration of baton treatment, screamed at the firemen to get their hose and equipment out of the way.

The firemen pointed out that they were busy and that the riot police would have to wait – something that they are not accustomed to – so they started shoving the firemen around. One of the fireman decided to emphasize his point of view by head-butting a belligerent riot policeman – he was arrested.

Now, not unstrangely, the average person has more sympathy for a fireman than for a riot policeman… even their own mothers don’t like them. Consequently, the crowd was not pleased, so the riot police packed him into a police van and whisked him off pretty sharpish.

Then the Burgos City Hall issued a statement the next day, saying that the fireman concerned was a trouble maker. Not so, it appears, as the Firemen’s Union pointed out; he did not have one blemish on his service record; quite the contrary. Small wonder was it, then, that 200 of his companions demonstrated outside the law court, demanding his release.

The popular unrest, in the meantime, spread to Madrid with protesters demonstrating outside the National Headquarters of the governing party, as well as 27 different cities throughout the country, in support of the Burgos protesters.

The Mayor of Madrid, Ana Botella, probably coming to terms with the fact that her party is as popular as flatulence in a lift, came out in support of the Burgos fireman, offering legal assistance, etc. However, other members of the PP in Madrid supported the Burgos City Hall.

Summing up, it appears that the relentless infliction of cuts and more cuts to public services, the litany of evictions and the growing number of poverty stricken citizens is only one spark away from turning the streets into battlegrounds. Then again, we could be wrong; let’s hope we are.

(News: Burgos, Spain)

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