Intimate Exposure

This incident, which took place in Monachil, involves a man who exposed his parts in a bar and then injured three Guardia Civil policemen.

The habitual customers were in the Bar del Sol in the said town when a man walked in and started verbally abusing everybody in sight, so one of the staff phoned the police.

In the meantime the man increased his output, but seeing that the other customers were taking less and less notice of him, he decided to drop his trousers and ‘manipulate his testicles.’ Trouble was, there were several minors in this small local.

The Guardia turned up and asked him for his identity documents – no doubt prepared to handle the proffered ID card gingerly. But they needn’t have worried because the 39-year-old refused to show them his ID – his wedding tackle, yes, but not his DNI.

So, they decided to take him down to the police station, but getting him into the patrol car proved a little tricky. The result of the scuffle was three bruised policemen. But it didn’t end there – how could it; the man was on a roll.

Once at the police station, the arrested man requested the presence of medical staff, yet when the male nurse turned up, he was set upon by the ‘patient.’

It appears that the accused has his mental faculties in a state of turbulence, which didn’t prevent the Guardia Civil charging him with indecent exposure and resisting arrest. The male nurse also reported him.

(News: Monachil, Granada, Andalucia)

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