Putting Salt into the Wound

A young 18-year-old lad dropped dead suddenly at the sports pavilion, Bola de Oro in Granada on Saturday 9th of November. However, to add insult to injury, a thief broke into his uncle’s parked car outside the hospital and stole the deceased’s possessions.

Juan Carlos Sevilla had told the sports monitor that he needed a rest for a moment because he wasn’t feeling too well – seconds later he had collapsed. The monitor rapidly got hold of the staff who came running with a defibrillator to attempt to restart his heart.

The ambulance took only minutes to appear but the paramedics were unable to bring him back round – he was declared dead on arrival at the Hospital de Traumatología.

The family had gathered at the hospital that same night to mourn, yet whilst they were grappling with the terrible blow, a thief broke into the uncles car, parked in Calle Friburgo and stole, amongst other items, the Juan Carlos’s mobile phone, his identity documents and his expensive tennis rackets.

The family have made public an email address (inma_sf92@hotmail.com) and a facebook account, Inma Sevilla Fernández and request that anybody that might have any information about the theft should contact them.

(News: Metropolitan area, Granada, Andalucia)

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